About thehousesale.co.uk

Times are changing, and the internet is empowering people to do things for themselves. Things that would normally be handled by expensive, so called professionals can now be managed inexpensively on our own terms. The single biggest source of Wealth for most individuals is their own home, yet every day people give up thousands and thousands of pounds of their equity to Estate Agents who simply add their details onto major property websites and wait for a phone call themselves.

The days of having to advertise purely in local Newspapers and shop windows has gone. Newspaper advertising is in serious decline against the huge growth in Internet Advertising yet no reflection or allowance seems to have been made for this in fees. This site isn’t meant to ‘knock’ estate agents since many of them provide a very professional and invaluable service. What this site does do is offer an alternative. If you can take your own photos and write a short description of your home and it’s key features then why not save yourself a small fortune and invest that money in buying a slightly better house for yourself. The money you save might buy a brand new Kitchen or Bathroom in your next house.

Why Use The House Sale

  • Your Advert Goes Live Immediately
  • Add Multiple Photos
  • Real Time Statistics on Site Viewings & Enquiries
  • Save & Print Your Shortlists
  • Portfolio & Profile Management
  • Screen Enquiries prior to Viewings
  • Site Negotiation Manager
  • Email Support
  • You could save Thousands of Pounds
  • Internet Advertising Rapidly Expanding
  • Less Hassle, You Are in Control

Key Features of this site

Great Design

First Impressions count so we’ve made sure that this site has cutting edge design and appeal to make all of our properties look their best. You give us the content; we’ll make it look great for you.

Easy to Use & Fully Automated

We don’t expect you to know everything so we have made everything as simple as possible. Step by Step Wizards will guide you through the process of Searching, Registering or Adding your own property. The site will email you with notifications about Enquiries or Offers and the Account Manager will allow you to change anything in your own profile.

Sales Particulars

Once you add your property details to the site, you will be able to download a High Quality / High resolution PDF of your customised Sale Particulars which you will be able to print off at home or at a High Street printers. These will prove invaluable in giving prospective buyers all of the information that they need. After all, people like something that they can touch and feel.