Sell My House Online

Sell My House Online

Sell My House Online

Searching for the right estate agent when you have made the decision to sell your house is not as easy as you first think as the level of service and commission charges can vary greatly. With interest rates on the rise and the ever growing threat of property prices falling, more and more people are looking to get the maximum price when selling their own home. The average property price in the UK is now over £215,000 with estate agents charging commission between 1 and 2.5% plus VAT and these expensive fees can make a large impact on the profit you make.

There is now however an alternative way to market and sell you own home. With an estimated 75% of people now searching the internet for properties online using a specialised site designed to sell your house privately online is a great way to do this. This cut’s out the estate agent and can save you £1000's on expensive commission fees.

Why should you make the choice to Sell My House Online instead of using an estate agent? Because the vast majority of estate agents just send viewers round without accompanying them, leaving you to do the most important part of the process - actually selling your home to the potential buyer. Remember, estate agents are paid every time a buyer takes one of their properties, regardless of which property it is - your property is just one of many they can send the buyer to.

Many people market their houses privately as well as with an estate agent. If you do this, make sure the demarcation line is clear. If an agent can claim to have introduced you to a buyer, albeit indirectly, he is still entitled to his commission.You will need to check which type of agreement you have set up with your Estate Agent. If you have a Sole Agency Agreement you can usually sell your house privately without paying them commission. If you have a Sole Sale Agreement you may still be required to pay them commission if you sell your property even if they did not introduce the buyer. It is always recommended to check this before you market your property privately online.

Take responsibility for putting a realistic valuation on your house. You might like to get it valued by more than one estate agent but be aware they are competing with each other to get your business and there valuation may be higher than the current market value. You can check out the price of similar properties in the area by visiting the Land Registry site ( to see what prices properties have fetched recently in your local area.

When you are choosing a site to advertise on browse the site for usability and look at the quality of marketing you are getting for your money. High quality images and an easy to navigate site that professionally markets your property will not only engage your customer’s interest but also give them the confidence to pick up the phone and contact you about your property.

It used to be difficult to market your property as you were limited to newspaper adverts, for-sale signboards and word-of-mouth. Now you can use the internet to promote your property sale to anyone with Internet access across the UK and around the world. Making the decision to Sell My House Online can save thousands of pounds offering an enormous advertising medium enabling you to expose and promote your property to a huge audience of potential buyers.